Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring!

Sorry that it has been so quiet over here. I am still fighting major allergies and it takes everything in me to just get through the day. I plan on doing a major catch up post tomorrow to show you what I have been working on. Until then I want to leave you with some great news. The entire Etsy store is 15% off to celebrate Spring!

Clink HERE to start shopping.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cleaning and the Dentist

This past weekend and today has been full of cleaning. While my house is good sized it is always cluttered and messy. Part of that is because we have 4 kids 6 and under and the other part is because of how much stuff we have accumulated. Since my allergies are trying to kill me if I venture outside I have been staying inside and going through everything. Yesterday I went through my half of our closet. I seriously haven't cleaned it in over a year. When I was done not only can you walk from one end to the other but from side to side. I ended up pulling out 5 totes of items that will be going in the garage sale this weekend. It was really hard to go through some of the stuff since it included my maternity clothes and the baby blankets (they are stored on the top shelf). While I know that having another baby would be very detrimental to me physically it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye to that part of my life.
Today I worked on my workroom. I am not selling anything from it in the garage sale but it was time to work on it. Aside from posting a picture on Instagram I don't think I have ever posted a photo of my workspace before...and I am not going to tonight since Blogger is being picky.
I was going to share about an awesome new dentist in town but since I can't upload any photos I am going to say goodnight and do some designing.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Workroom Wednesday: Signs

I have several different things going on right now, some I can share and some that I can't just yet. the following is what I can show you. They are 3 of my newest signs that will be headed to the Etsy store tomorrow after I take better pictures of them.
 (The red one is 12"x24", the blue is 11"x14", and the grey is 7"x14")
I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and I will see you back here on Friday with another printable and a fan spotlight.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cars, Firefighters, and Peeps

This weekend was so much fun. Saturday Gary and I took our 4 kiddos plus 2 of our friends' kids to Midnight at the Oasis. It is a popular car show in our small town. Luckily we went early enough that we were able to park in the lot fairly close to the event. When we got there we loaded the 3 youngest in our single and double strollers and headed out. I took tons of pictures but didn't think about making them blog friendly (I will only post pictures of children with their parents permission).
This is the monster's lets get a move on face.
 My baby was such a happy boy.
K is so beautiful.
J is a goof ball.
J is obsessed with the movie Cars. The first thing he said is "look there's Sarge". Which was then followed by "take a picture of me".
It was really warm so after checking out some of the cars we headed for the ice cream stand. This is I's first cone. His face says it all, he was so excited.
J was pretty excited about the ice cream too. I was pleasantly surprised that what you see on his face was the messiest that any of the 6 got.

On our way back to the car we passed the Fire Station. The guys had just returned from a call and invited the kids in to check out the truck and try on their gear. It warms my heart to see the little ones so in awe of Firefighters.
Sunday was spent hanging out at the house and dinner with some good friends. Gary grilled tri-tip, I made salad, potatoes, and ranch beans. BW made some awesome brownies and rice krispies for dessert. They have 4 kids around the same age as mine so all 8 of them ran around having a blast.
Today I made another wreath to share with you. I am known for attempting making candy wreaths for the different holidays. This is my third year making the Peeps wreath.
Supplies Needed:
Foam wreath (Mine was approx. 15")
Various colored peeps (I used about 25 Peeps of each color)
Wooden toothpicks
Newspaper to work on

There are 2 ways to apply the Peeps
You can stick the toothpick in the bottom of the Peep and then stick it in the foam or
my preferred method is to place the toothpick first and then add the Peep.
I actually had K and her friend hand me the Peeps in the correct color pattern to speed things up. The whole project took about 30 minutes.
To hang it I wrapped some ribbon around a gap in the top and tied it in a bow.
Being as that I have done this a few times I have learned to leave the wreath on a flat surface overnight. The marshmallow insides will harden around the toothpick and prevent your peeps from sliding off. 
Also, I keep my wreath inside on a wall to make it last longer. If you want to put it on a door I would spray it with a clear sealer and use hot glue to help adhere the candy.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fan Friday...A little late.

I just realized how close Easter is to St. Patrick's Day this year. I am itching to put out my Spring decorations but I still want to acknowledge St. Patrick's Day. Normally, I would create a subway art for each holiday and then put it on canvas however this time I decided to go with just printed version that I then stuck in a frame that I painted.
Because I love you all I am giving you the free printable.
(To print this just right clink over the image.)