Wednesday, April 3, 2013

life's 10

Things have been crazy around here so I will give you a quick top 10.
1. My asthma/allergies are doing much better. They are still not completely under control but are headed that way. I have an appointment on the 15th with the allergist to see what he can do for me.
2. Katrina had her first appointment to take care of some dental issues. She is terrified of needles so I was not looking forward to the appointment. She surprised me and did FANTASTIC!
3. Harmony spent some time (less than 30 minutes) in the ER on Friday night due to her getting into an unopened package of Exlax and eating it. When I walked into the house from an appointment she couldn't wait to show me her "candy". Luckily, the kind that she had was not the one which can affect your heart. It was just a very long weekend in terms of diapers. It was probably the only time that I was thankful for her not being potty trained. She is all better and is back to her normal monster self.
4. Wow...we have spent a lot of time at healthcare providers lately.
5. While I was feeling really badly I wasn't able to do things around the house and now I am paying for it. Between sickness and Spring Break my house is a disaster. Getting back into shape is my goal of the week. We are hoping to have a yard sale at current house on Saturday and at our rental house (we were renting it semi furnished) the following Saturday.
6. The upside of me being sick is that I spent a lot of time on my computer designing. Now I am working on getting signs done. I have several to take pictures of and to list tomorrow.
7. I have had a couple of really fun orders lately. I have some birthday shirts coming up as well as a couple of big sibling shirts to announce pregnancies.
8. My BFF just found out that she is pregnant and I could not be anymore excited for her. Her oldest is 6 months older that Katrina and her youngest is a week older than Harmony. I though I would want to be pregnant again when she conceived but surprisingly I am not. I am happy in my decision to be done with 4.
9. This year's Easter celebration was very low key. Katrina and Jack had a little egg hunt at their school on Thursday that I was able to help at. On Sunday they woke up early and brought their baskets into our room to open them. I had a headache so I went back to sleep after they showed me everything. When I work up we went outside and all four of the kids hunted eggs. Ian could careless about picking up eggs. He was all about playing with their outside toys. Dinner was simple with ham, asparagus, scalloped potatoes, salad, and rolls. I flaked and didn't get pictures of any of the festivities.
10. I am seriously thinking about cancelling our cable. The only reason why we still have it is because it is only $25 a month more for it with our current provider. I am debating switching internet providers but in order to do so I would have to give up half of my upload speed. The bonus of the new provider would be saving $60 a month and having a faster download speed. With how much I am uploading pictures and files I don't know if it would be worth it. Any thoughts?

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