Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Midweek Randoms

I my name is Lindsay and I have neglected my blog in forever. This is a picture of me in case you forgot.

This was my very last Pumpkin Spice Latte. Starbuck's doesn't guarantee that their drinks are gluten free and I just can't risk getting sick.
I hate the look of my blog. I am working on making it pretty in hopes that it will motivate me to blog more.

Ian LOVES this truck. It goes everywhere with him. He would rather sleep with it then with any stuffed animal.

Oh yeah, can anyone tell me where my baby went? I swear I put my baby to bed one night and this little boy woke up in his place.

I love this little area of my house. A friend gave me that table and I painted it the yellow color (my first time doing furniture). The signs and wreath are also done by me. I did move the smaller Autumn Blessing sign and replaced it with the Happy Harvest one. Don't mind the gate behind the table. It is there protecting my kitchen from the little boy that suddenly appeared one morning. I just bought 2 huge pumpkins that I am going to decorate and use there.

Can you tell I LOVE Fall and pumpkins?

Linking up with Megan at In This Wonderful Life for her Midweek Randoms.

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  1. I love fall as well. I don't like the cold weather but I love the colors and PSL's. I hope you continue to blog. I love interacting with other crafty people.