Monday, February 25, 2013

My Life Monday: Weekend Recap

Hi Everyone! It has been a crazy week around here. Last week I told you that my computer died and I finally replaced it. I forgot how long it takes to move everything off of one computer and put it on to another. I really like my new computer even if I feel completely uneducated on Windows 8. The whole start screen looking like a tablet is a little confusing. I was able to get a few orders completed and finish my St. Patrick's day wreath before I headed out to Santa Maria for some girl time.
As you can see I changed my wreath a little bit. I turned it around so that the bottom is now on top and moved the flowers all together. The "E" is just an unfinished from the local craft store covered in moss. I adhered the moss to the wood using a hot glue gun. The letter is being held on by a piece of twine that I tied around the whole thing and then covered with a little bit of moss to hide it.
I hate my wreath hanger but right now I do not have a better way to hang things on my door. The door itself is metal and the direct sun is on it several hours out of the day. I have used Command hooks and they just melt off. I have plans to convince my husband to let me drill holes in the door to screw in a decorative hook.
This is the newest listing headed for the shop. I am headed there after I finish this post to create the listing. It is a 12"x12" canvas hand painted navy blue, the wording is white and gold vinyl. I am REALLY pleased with how this turned out and plan on offering it in several sizes and colors. I am in the process of making it in 36"x36" for my living room.
(Photo taken by K on the front facing camera of my iPhone)
This girl and I spent the weekend in Santa Maria visiting my best friend from middle school who I hadn't seen in 13 years. It was a long 7 hour drive during rush hour traffic but totally worth it.
(Photo taken by K)
 This is Stefanie. She is an amazing photographer, friend, and person. I am so lucky I get to call her my friend.
First order of business was pedicures for all. I have crazy ticklish feet and was dying the whole time. After pedis we headed to San Luis Obispo for lunch and shopping. I was able to score some great things for my camera.   

Jim's Campus Camera II is a great shop that was having it's retirement sale. Everything was marked down with an additional 20% off.
(Photo by Stefanie Elizabeth Photography)
After lunch and shopping and a quick roadside photo shoot we headed back to Stefanie's house to hang out. We were supposed to go to a BBQ but K wasn't up for it. Instead we picked up a quick dinner at Olive Garden and went home to relax.
Sunday started out with brunch and a beautiful view. From brunch we headed down to the beach so that I could nap and Stefanie and K could play in the sand. After we satisfied K's 6 year old need to play in sand and water we loaded up and headed home.
Today has been spent getting caught up on laundry and emails.

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